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7 novembre 2008 5 07 /11 /novembre /2008 17:13

2 Days ago, I went to Cocoon's gig. And although I didn't know much of them, it was a very pleasant surprise. Nice music, nice people, lot of interaction with the public. And for the tour, they even hired 2 new musicians (Bass and Drums) which gives it even more credibiility and depth...


They offered us 2 covers: "Hey ya" (orignal is sung by Outkast) and "Through the Moonsoon" (Original is sung by... Tokyo Hotel!!!!) I'd never believed, still 3 days ago that I would one day listen and actually like a song from Toky Hotel ;-)


Here's "Hey ya" that I, again, found on YouTube.




If they happen to play close to your place, it's worth the visit ;-)




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